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Our chef will happily do his best to provide you with anything that you may not see on our menu
but you really fancy having on your buffet table, also any dietary/allergy requirements can be catered for.
We also offer a “stay and serve“ option usually for the first hour or so of your event depending on your guest numbers.
This is very popular choice as it gives your guests a quick and smooth buffet experience along with ourselves to answer any “foody” questions.
It’s always a lovely thing to meet and serve the people who will be enjoying our food.

Menu' Cold

example menu

(£ 9.50 per head)

- Antipasti platters served with homemade bread (cold cured meats, roasted peppers, aubergines, mozzarella, olives etc...).
- Mini rolls filled with a selection of choices both meat and vegetarian.
- Tomato and mozzarella salad with olive oil and fresh basil leaves.
- Bruschetta Tonnara (tuna,olive and caper topping).
- Chef potato salad with crispy pancetta and spring onion.
- Tomato and onion salad with olive oil and fresh basil.
- Parma ham and melon bites.
- Smoked salmon and cream cheese bruschetta.

Hot Buffet

example menu

(£ 13.00 per head)

- Homemade lasagne meat or vegetarian.
- Parmigiana melanzane.
- Chicken cotoletta served with lemon wedges.
- Homemade pizza slices with a selection of various toppings.
- Italian sausage served with homemade bread.
- Homemade meatballs with a chilli dipping sauce.

Custom Made Menu'

This is a larger list of all our hot and cold buffet choices so that you can design your own buffet according to your personal event needs:

Hot Choices
- Lasagne meat or vegetarian
- Parmigiana
- Cotaletta
- Pizzas
- Tortellini meat or vegetarian
- Gnocchi
- Ravioli
- Polpette ( meatballs)
- Pasta Al Forno
- Chicken risotto
- Pea and ham risotto
- Chilli rice
- Pasta pollo and funghi
- Funghi and gorgonzola risotto
- Four cheeses pasta
- Rosemary roast potatoes

Cold Choices
- Filled mini rolls
- Cotoletta (breaded chicken pieces)
- Rice salad
- Potato salad (chefs special with crispy pancetta and spring onion)
- Selection of different bruschetta
- Antipasti platters all served with homemade bread
- Parma ham and melon bites
- Cold pasta salad
- Mixed leaf salad
- Selection of mixed olives and stuffed peppers
- Homemade meatballs served with chilli dipping sauce
- Macaroni frittata
- Oven baked ham and cheese meatloaf

Good to know…

Most of our customers combine the hot/cold buffet choices
and then we will price according to choice.
This helps us to offer you a more bespoke and cost-effective buffet
for your particular special event.